Welcome to the North Lincolnshire Health and Safety Group

The North Lincolnshire Health and Safety Group is a voluntary non-profit making organisation established in 1947 to promote health and safety at work across the Scunthorpe and Northern Lincolnshire region.

Health and Safety Groups are established to complement other safety organisations and provide a vital role in cascading information and advice from the HSE and other relevant organisations down to local businesses.

The North Lincolnshire Health and Safety Groups  provides businesses with a forum to access the latest health and safety information and opportunities to network with other organisations and health and safety professionals through an array of events organised by the group throughout the year.

The Group meets regularly in Scunthorpe to discuss new and forthcoming developments in health and safety legislation, Health and Safety Campaigns promoted by the HSE, Safety Groups UK and other relevant organisations.

Throughout the year the group puts on a programmes of varied events by leading professionals and speakers in their field on a wide range of health and safety topics providing the opportunity for local businesses to network with other Health and Safety Professionals.



years of supporting local business